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The way I'll remember him

This whole site carries a somber tone, but Greg was exactly the opposite. So here are my favorite memories of him; the ones that made me smile, the ones that made me laugh, and the ones that just made me go "wow".

Long Beach '96 - In only his fourth CART start, Greg was a bit over anxious to get by Christian Fittipaldi, and tried to make a move in an unconventinal passing zone. I can clearly remember standing on my seat to try and get a better view as Fittipaldi so generously helped Greg out of his car, then attempted to give him a black eye.

Detroit '97 - Getting ready to celebrate Greg's third place finish, then, in a matter of seconds, watching both PacWest cars in front of him run out of fuel and leading Greg to his second consecutive victory that season. One of the most memorable photos of that season was watching Greg taking the checkered flag - fist raised in victory, and just 30 yards or so behind him seeing Mark Blundell climb out of his car that had come to a standstill on the entrance to the front straight. I went insane - and laughed my ass off at the PacWest boys (sorry Mauricio, Mark).

Fontana '97 - Like all 500 mile races, the innagural race at Fontana was filled with attrition, and with just 20 laps or so to go, it looked like Greg was in position to take the win. Unfortunately, his engine let go and he was forced to pull into the pits and out of the race. Greg got out of his car, took off his helmet, and hugged every crewmember.

Rio '98 - That brilliant hail-mary pass of Alex Zanardi - on the outside - in the closing laps. Zanardi didn't know what hit him. Both were tight on fuel, had equal cars, and a huge lead over the rest of the field. It was just the two of them. And Greg won.

Michigan '98 - Seeing Greg be absolutely speechless in his post-race interview after passing and holding off the dominating Target teammates, Alex Zanardi and Jimmy Vasser. It was this performance, along with his win at Rio just weeks earlier, that sparked Zanardi to praise Greg, saying, "He finds grip where there isn't any."

Road America '98 - The closest that I ever got to Greg. I was personally introduced to him and although it was only a few words, it was the biggest thrill of my life. I saw him fool around with Dario Franchitti, Robby Gordon and crew members at the after-party celebrating his friend's first CART victory. Later that night, I saw him host the after-hours party at the world famous Siebkin's Bar. (One woman in a somewhat isolated section of the bar kept claiming that Greg owed her $10 from a bet he lost fishing. This woman was, however, completely plastered.) He picked up the tab to celebrate Dario's victory. Not only that but he was the life of the party, and the center of some very interesting stories the next morning!

Motegi '99 - It was the final lap of the race, and Greg was in position to take second place to Adrian Fernandez. Greg came out of the final turn and lost it; but not completely because he managed to cross the finish line - backwards. He finished fifth, the final lead lap car.

Mid-Ohio '99 - Most of the Friday and Saturday sessions were rained out, and since Greg had put in minimal laps he ended up starting last (actually it was second to last when Mark Blundell's qualifying run was disqualified.) Right before the start of the race, the escort trucks were lined up in pit lane to take the drivers on a parade lap. The crews were beginning to pull the cars onto the front straight, where the grid was being set-up. When Greg saw his crew coming with his car, he jumped out of the truck, over pit wall and began flagging the team to the tail end of the pack. He had a huge smile on his face, and the crew also got a real kick out of it.

Long Beach '00 - Seeing Paul Tracy take a come-from-behind victory, using Steve Challis' notes of the Reynard chassis that Greg Moore used during his final season.

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